Extending a visa or residence permit


This page provides information on residence conditions in Belgium and the possibility of extending your stay beyond the date set for leaving Belgian territory (short stay) or the expiry date of a residence permit (long stay).

A foreigner may not be able to leave Belgium before their visa expires or, if they are exempt from the visa requirement, before the end of the authorised period of stay. In certain circumstances, the Immigration Office may authorise this foreigner to extend their stay. 

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The general rule is that a foreigner is authorised to stay in Belgium for one year.

The conditions for staying and the documents that must be presented together, along with the application for renewal of the residence card, are stated in the decision from the Immigration Office to authorise this foreigner to stay in Belgium.

If they are abroad, this decision is issued to the foreigner by the embassy or consulate of Belgium that is issuing the visa D. If they are in Belgium, this is done by the municipal administration for the place of residence. 

Useful information: the national entry [B + number] in the 'Remarks' area of the visa D provides information on the conditions for staying and the documents to be presented along with the initial application for renewal of the residence card. This card will be issued upon presentation of the visa D.

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