[Article 10, §2, second paragraph, article 10bis, §1, first paragraph, article 10bis. §2, second paragraph, 3° and article 40ter, §2, 3° of the Act of 15/12/1980]

The sponsor must prove that they have health insurance that covers all risks in Belgium for themselves and their family members. 

This proof can be provided:

1. either by submitting a certificate from the health insurance company with which they are affiliated. This certificate confirms that it is possible to connect the person who wants to come and live with him upon their arrival in Belgium ;

2. or by taking out travel medical insurance covering the risks in Belgium worth €30,000 (minimum coverage) for 3 months (minimum duration).

The travel medical insurance is mandatory in the following situations:

  • The sponsor is affiliated with a health insurance fund, but the health insurance fund does not confirm that the family member will be affiliated upon their arrival in Belgium;
  • The applicant is related to the sponsor by a legally registered partnership;
  • The applicant is a child, over the age of 25;
  • The applicant is a blood relative in the ascending line of a citizen of the European Union;
  • The applicant is travelling to Belgium to marry or make a declaration of legal cohabitation there.


In the following situations, proof that the sponsor has health insurance covering the risks in Belgium does not have to be presented:

  • The sponsor is a minor Belgian child;
  • The sponsor enjoys international protection granted by Belgium, provided that the blood or affinity link already existed before their arrival in Belgium and that family reunification is applied for within the year (12 months) after the decision of the CGRS to grant international protection.