The Belgian government has carried out several evacuation flights since the Taliban took Kabul. In these flights, Belgians and their relatives and persons who had worked for the Belgian military services, international organizations or human rights organizations were brought to Belgium.

These evacuations have ended and no new ones are planned.

For persons wishing to come to Belgium, the normal residence procedures apply according to the rules in force today.


According to the current asylum law, asylum applications cannot be submitted abroad.

Humanitarian visa

Applications submitted electronically will not be processed.

Applications submitted in accordance with the procedure described here are examined by the Immigration Office (

There is no right to obtain a humanitarian visa.

Your application will be judged on the merits (such as your link with Belgium and the fact that you are in immediate and personal danger).

We cannot respond to applications in which the specific reason for your request is not sufficiently outlined.

 If you are currently outside Afghanistan, we advise you to contact the UNHCR or the competent authorities in your country of residence.

Family reunification

Holders of a Belgian residence permit are entitled to apply for family reunification for their close family members (spouse and children under 18 years of age + father/mother of a minor to whom Belgium has granted international protection) in accordance with the ordinary provisions of aliens or asylum law.