Belgian presidency Council of the European Union: Migration and asylum pact

The Ministerial Conference on Asylum and Migration recently took place at the Oude Vismijn in Ghent. All European Ministers and State Secretaries competent in Asylum and Migration matters, representatives of relevant European institutions, and high representatives from IOM and UNHCR attended.

The agenda notably included the implementation and operationalization of the recently approved European Pact on Migration and Asylum by the European Parliament. A common implementation plan was also discussed in consultation with the European Commission and the financing and operational support of European institutions. Member States also had the opportunity to share their insights based on their situations.

In summary, during this conference, initial steps towards the concrete implementation of the pact were taken, and all parties emphasized the importance of a common approach and agreed to continue on this path by mutually trusting each other.

Our colleagues at the Immigration Office brilliantly managed this event.

The conference concluded with a press moment, which you can watch here

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