Sanitary conditions for travellers on direct flights from the People's Republic of China to Belgium

In Belgium a royal decree is applicable as a precautionary measure in the light of the recent evolution in the People’s Republic of China with regards to the COVID-19 virus.

The measures in this royal decree apply until 12.03.2023, however they can be prolonged.

All travelers travelling by airway, from the age of 12 years, arriving on Belgian territory, coming directly from China must hold a test certificate.

Flight crew members are exempted from the requirement to hold a test certificate.

The public or private air carrier is required to check that the persons are in possession of a test certificate, prior to boarding. In the absence of such a certificate the carrier shall be under the obligation to refuse boarding.

Upon arrival on Belgian territory, the traveller will be rechecked by the airport operator and Saniport whether he holds this test certificate.

In the absence of such a test certificate or in the event of false, misleading or incomplete information in this certificate entry into the territory may be refused.


Definition and conditions of the test certificate

Test Certificate: an EU Digital COVID certificate or another certificate in Dutch, French, German or English, which indicates that a NAAT test (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test) with a negative result was carried out in an official laboratory not more than 48 hours prior to departure to Belgian territory, or that a RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) which is mentioned in the updated Council Recommendation on a common framework for the use and validation of rapid antigen tests and the mutual recognition of COVID-19 test results in the EU,  with a negative result was carried out by a professional not more than 48 hours prior to departure to Belgian territory.