Gaza – Evacuation and visa application


Belgium assesses evacuation requests from the Gaza Strip on a case-by-case basis. At present, Belgium can only provide consular assistance and register on an evacuation list Belgians and foreigners who have a refugee status in Belgium, as well as the members of their nuclear family. 

The possibility of applying by e-mail for a visa to the Consulate General in Jerusalem (reference post for Gaza), by/for a person who is still in Gaza is currently limited to beneficiaries of a right to family reunification within the meaning of the law of December 15, 1980.

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The current circumstances (border closure, inability to come to the Consulate General in Jerusalem or the Embassy in Cairo for the verification of identity and authenticity of documents, collection of biometric identifiers, etc.) do not allow for other types of visa applications to be submitted by e-mail. 

People who have been able to leave the Gaza Strip must apply for a visa in person at the embassy or consulate general responsible for their location. 

The situation in the region may change over the coming weeks. Belgian authorities are therefore closely monitoring the situation and will adapt this message if necessary.